A Message from the founders

Charalambos & Elena Pattihis Foundation | Witnessing Struggles, Fostering Change: Our Continuous Endeavour

Charalambos & Elena Pattihis Foundation

“We strongly believe that kindness and empathy towards others are the most important virtues that a society must possess and that those who have been fortunate enough to be in a position where they can help others, should do so.

Throughout the years, we have witnessed first-hand how desperate situations can get for so many of our fellow Cypriots, as many still live in poverty, and in certain cases even struggling to provide basic necessities for themselves and for their loved ones. Even today, in Cyprus, a European Union country with one of the highest standards of living and education, there are children whose parents cannot afford to provide them with advanced medical care or even buy them school supplies.

Throughout the years, we’ve lived through multiple catastrophes that took the world by storm and left the Cypriot community in distress. From witnessing the horrific aftermath of the Turkish Invasion of Cyprus in 1974 which forced hundreds of thousands of Cypriots to become refugees, to experiencing the negative socioeconomic consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic, to responding to the immediate aftermath of the catastrophic 2021 Cyprus Forest Fire – each time we felt even stronger about reaching out and helping our fellow Cypriots.

"Kindness & Empathy towards others are the most important virtues that a society must possess and those who can help, should do so."

We have always strived to do everything we can to help, and over the years we have been fortunate enough to be part of many amazing cases in which people’s lives have been dramatically transformed for the better. With the inception of The Charalambos & Elena Pattihis Foundation, we hope to identify and actively help even more people, with the commitment of reaching out all over Cyprus.

This is not an easy endeavour, and undoubtedly it takes many people to move a mountain, but with your help and support we can, and we will continue our efforts to achieve our vision for every Cypriot to have access to resources that allow for an improved quality of life. With your help and support, they can make a lasting impact on the community and bring about positive change for generations to come.”