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Strengthening Charitable Impact Through Collaboration

Charalambos & Elena Pattihis Foundation

Strategic Alliances for Collective Charitable Advancement: The Foundation's MoU Initiatives

The Charalambos & Elena Pattihis Foundation has actively fostered collaboration within the charitable and non-profit landscape of Cyprus by signing Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs) with a multitude of like-minded organisations operating locally.

These MoUs serve as tangible commitments to create synergistic partnerships, facilitating the collective amplification of positive effects resulting from their charitable programs and initiatives.

These strategic alliances encompass a diverse spectrum of charitable sectors, including Social Welfare, Education, Culture, Health, and the Environment, aligning closely with the Foundation’s 5 Pillars of Action. Through these collaborative endeavours, the Foundation and its partner organisations leverage their respective strengths, resources, and expertise to maximize the impact of their philanthropic activities.