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Applying for a Grant: Process & Requirements

Grants Policy Charalambos & Elena Pattihis Foundation

Grants Policy

The Charalambos & Elena Pattihis Foundation is committed to supporting charitable causes in the areas of Social Welfare, Education, Culture, Health, and the Environment. To achieve this goal, the Foundation has developed a Grants Policy to guide the allocation of funds to eligible organisations and individuals.

To be eligible for a Grant from the Charalambos & Elena Pattihis Foundation, an organisation or individual must demonstrate alignment with at least 1 of the Foundation’s 5 core Pillars of Action. Priority will be given to initiatives that promote sustainable development, community engagement, and long-term impact. Additionally, organisations and individuals must demonstrate sound financial management practices and a commitment to transparency.

Eligibility Checklist

To be considered for a Grant, an applicant must meet the following Eligibility Criteria:

Alignment with the Foundation's Mission:

The Applicant must demonstrate alignment with the Foundation’s Mission to advance the quality of life for the Cypriot community through dedicated and thoughtful actions in the sectors of Social Welfare, Education, Culture, Health, and the Environment.

Non-profit Status:

If the Applicant is an organisation or legal entity, it must be a registered non-profit organisation or individual with a clear charitable purpose and a commitment to transparency.

Financial Management:

The Applicant must demonstrate sound financial management practices, including clear financial statements and reporting procedures.

Geographic Location:

The Applicant must be located in Cyprus or demonstrate a clear connection to the Cypriot community.

Compliance with Laws:

The Applicant must be in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations of the Republic of Cyprus and the European Union.

Project Scope:

The proposed project must align with one or more of the Foundation’s 5 core Pillars of Action and demonstrate a clear plan for impact, feasibility, and sustainability.

Capacity for Success:

The Applicant must demonstrate the capacity to successfully execute the proposed project, including a clear timeline, budget, and plan for evaluation

Ethical Considerations:

The proposed project must adhere to ethical standards and avoid any conflict of interest or potential harm to the community.

Application Process

The Foundation will accept Grant Proposals on an ongoing basis. Interested organisations and individuals may submit a proposal via the Foundation’s website (using the form below or here). The Grant Proposal should include a clear and concise description of the proposed project, its alignment with the Foundation’s core Pillars of Action, a detailed budget, and expected outcomes. All Grants Proposals will be reviewed by the Foundation’s Grants Committee, which will make funding decisions based on the project’s potential impact, feasibility, and alignment with the Foundation’s Vision, Mission and Values.

Grant Types

The Charalambos & Elena Pattihis Foundation offers two types of Grants:

  1. Project-based Grants whose aim is to support specific initiatives that align with the Foundation’s core Pillars of Action (Social Welfare, Education, Culture, Health, and the Environment).
  2. General Operating Grants whose aim is to provide flexible funding to support a non-profit organisation’s overall mission and operations.

The size of each the Grant will depend on the scope and impact of the proposed project, as well as the Foundation’s available funding.

Please note that for Education Grant Requests, the Foundation offers financial Grants for students pursuing studies in Cyprus, specifically in fields of exact sciences that are demonstrably necessary for the local community. These Grants are awarded based on a thorough consultation process with educational institutions to ensure alignment with the region’s needs. The Grants are available exclusively for the upcoming academic year.

This initiative aims to foster local talent and contribute to the development of a skilled workforce that can address the specific scientific and technological demands of Cyprus.

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